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February 23

Bill Sanders @Northend GS Spouses: Guys, great to see everyone got the invitation! If anyone has suggestions for a good place to meet next, please don't hold out. Cheers!

8 years ago

Bond Richards @Northend GS Spouses: Hey guys, good to be part of this group and look forward to our next get together!

8 years ago

February 22

Enrique Fuentes @Northend GS Spouses: Look forward to the next meeting. By the way, Samantha's decision to order in pizza at the last one was a superb idea and should be repeated more often.

8 years ago

Samantha Belford @Northend GS Spouses: It's so good to be part of this group. Thanks, Bill, for setting it up.

8 years ago

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A support group for Gold Star spouses in the Northend area.

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